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    March 07: We welcome our new advertising mod, Elle! <3 Also everyone report to the Holla Check (it's super official ok?)


    December 26: We have our first plot update, as well as a new announcement so be sure to check both of those out!

    December 07: Spotlights from our first month have been updated! Thank you all so much for being with us for this first month! May our second be as good as this one was!

    November 27: Our first event has just gone up! So check out the firelight festival! *SPOILER ALERT* Something big is going to happen during this event, so you have to join to be on the front lines for that.

    October 31: WE ARE OFFICIALLY OPEN!! Be sure to check out our first site update!
    At present there are no official restrictions. We strongly discourage the making of more females (yes even canons and requests). We really need more males around here! Beyond that there is a list on the home page of our most wanted characters!
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    Planetos was created by George R. R. Martin, and we have relied very heavily on his work to create this site. We are not claiming rights to any of his work. We claim only the AU elements we brought to this game.

    While everyone is here, we would like to send out a big thank you to all of the members of Dance of Dragons. Thank you for bringing your creativity and characters to the site, to join in the game. We would be nothing without your involvement. Members are the lifeblood of any RP, so THANK YOU!

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dance of dragons latest news: plot updates
Welcome back; your last visit was on Today
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If you are thinking of joining, you have to check under here! This is where you will find rules, plot and other permanent (important) documents regarding the site. There will be things like F.A.Q. once we add it, and help guides if you need assistance navigating this world.
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This forum may be empty now, but keep an eye on it! This is where the staff will post updates. If there is a change to the plot, to the rules, or anything else, we will leave a notice here. There are also sub forums here for activity checks, and spotlights, which we hope all members will take part in.
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THIS FORUM IS GUEST FRIENDLY! We do this so guests can give us feedback of issues with the skin, or issues logging in, ETC. Please please don't abuse that, spam this thread, or be rude. Be respectful and we will do. But this is for you to air issues or suggestions for the site.

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Any lists and templates you are going to need for the applying process can be found in here. There are sub forums for you to post your application in, you can post as a work in progress, or finished product. Please don't re post, please don't remind us multiple times a day.
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Accepted applications are found under here. Don't steal from us, don't steal from others. If your application sounds completely different from every post, we'll notice, and we will ban you if you are found stealing.

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IF YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT JOINING, CHECK WANTED ADS. These characters are wanted by one or more members on the site, and they create a great starting point. You are pretty well guaranteed plots if you make one.
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You aren't obligated to post one, but you really really should. This is the best way to interact with other members, and sort out plots for your character.
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Under here you can start threads for whatever random inspiration you have for your character - gifs, image sets, playlists, mood boards. Just post one thread per character, and have fun. Thread trackers would also go in here.
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Under here, your character can comminicate with someone else through the exchange of ravens, or messenger. Under here are note threads. Keep in mind they only half count for activity checks.

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Under here are threads that will allow you to join in on site-wide plotting. If there is some event in the works for a site plot, threads to sign up will be under here. There are a few claims you can take part in, none of which are mandatory. This forum is just a way for everyone to track progress of site plots.

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Manned by the men of the Night's Watch, the Wall is an institution that is beyond the politics of the rest of Westeros. They save the realm from the horrors beyond the wall, though these days it is mostly ran by criminals.
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Ruled by house Stark, the North is a region that tends to interact little with the regions south of the Neck. They worship the old gods, and tend to keep to their own. Bastards in this region are called Snow.
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The Iron Islands are another region the tend to follow their own rules. Until the previous ruler, they didn't even have Maesters on the islands. The ironborn worship the drowned god. They have become known as a region of constant upheaval. Bastards in this region are called Pyke.
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Ruled by house Tully, these lands were once ruled from the Iron Islands. Until today, the coast is a place constantly being pillaged. It is a beautiful, but sparsely populated region. Bastards in this region are called Rivers.
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Known officially as the Vale of Arryn, this is the region with the purest claim to Andal blood. The houses of the Vale tend to be honorable, and avoid conflict wherever possible. They are known for their impressive defense, rather than offense. Bastards in this region are called Stone.
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The Westerlands have had a difficult time in recent years. With the death of Tywin Lannister, and his seat given to his daughter Cersei, the name "Lannister" is about the only familiar thing they can count on. Bastards in this region are known as Hill.
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Before the arrival of Aegon, this region was divided up between the surrounding kings. Now, it is the home of the Iron Throne, and house Targaryen. Bastards in this region are known as Waters.
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The Reach is one of the largest, and most densely populated regions. It is also easily the most prosperous. Their main income is from farming, leaving the commoners happy, and the Tyrells wealthy. They lay claim to the largest port in Westeros (Oldtown) as well as the Citadel. Bastards in this region are known as Flowers.
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The Stormlands were taken over when Aegon conquered Westeros. The first member of house Baratheon was rumored to be his bastard brother. Since then house Baratheon has married several Targaryens, leaving them as the nobles with the best claim to the throne. This is a very damp and hot region, leaving it worlds more humid than the dry heat of Dorne. Bastards in this region are called Storm.
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Dorne is the only region of Westeros that remains independent. They are not subjects of the Iron Throne. Dornish people tend to be an irreverent lot, that would follow house Martell through hell and back. They most loosely follow the customs of the other kingdoms, even going so far as to allow a firstborn woman to inherit over a younger brother. Bastards in this region are known as Sand.

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Spread out across the continent of Essos are what is known as the free cities. They were once under the rule of the Valyrian empire. Since the fall, each city has developed it's own culture, and political system.
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The Stepstones are believed to be the remnants of a land bridge between Dorne and Essos. These days they are generally a home to pirates, often Lyseni and Myrmen. They lay between the Summer and Narrow seas.
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Slavers Bay is the area spanning the southern end of Essos. It is a series of three cities that are involved heavily in slave trade.
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If you are visiting the rest of the world, that goes here. That includes lands east of the Free Cities, and the continent of Sothoryos.

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If you want to thread something that happens before or after the current timeline, this is the place to thread it out! Be sure to mark your thread, so you can track where in the timeline it falls.
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Do you have an idea for a random encounter that would never happen in this world? Do you just have an itch to write a character that doesn't exist in this world? This is the place for threads if you feel like changing something random in your character's life.

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Under here are sub forums for various things members will be looking for - graphics request, or to open your own shop, random chatter, introductions, games. If we're missing anything, let us know!
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If you intend to be away, let us know. Seriously, let us know. Even if it seems redundant. We can't know you intend to come back if you don't let us know. This is just a game, but you really will be deleted if you don't let us know about drawn out absences. Don't tell us everything if you aren't comfortable, but tell us you will be back, and when.
christina in dogs of war
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This forum is guest friendly! There are sub forums to post your ads in, and a thread if you are interested in becoming an affiliate. Make sure you read the forum descriptions, and get your ad in the right spot. We don't mind multiple ads, but if we get multiple, so will you.
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I'll be honest, we don't delete anything. If you are here looking for an old application or post or something, it's probably under here. We try to keep it organized so you can find it without too much effort. Let us know if you need help locating it.

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